Eight Rules All Runners Should Know

1) Run Using The One or None Rule
We all love listening to the good cuts, especially when we are working out. I’m not gonna lie, I love it too! Here is the problem. You aren’t aware. Especially, if you’re running. When you have loud music blaring in your ears, you can't hear a potential attacker come up behind you and it also slows your reaction time. More over, what if there is a car, a curb, or a strange animal in your path. There are several reasons to pay attention. Don’t tune out. If you want to listen to music, or in my case Audible books, use the 1 or None Rule! One earbud in, the other one out. If that’s too hard, don’t wear headphones.

2) Know your Routes (That’s right, plural)
Why? If the wrong people know your routine, you are out at a disadvantage. If you know your routes, you know where to run if you find yourself in a bind. You know the possible pitfalls. 

3) All the Worlds a Stage, All the Men & Women Merely Players
If dealing with an attacker & you’re near people, you want an audience! The more people, the less likely that person is to attack, the more likely you are to get help! So start making a ruckus!

4) Fire! Fire!
What do you yell if someone is attacking you! If you are near a place that may have people, yell fire! It brings a crowd and camera phones! Everyone wants a picture of this crazy fire! Plus, you’ll have evidence of the attack and can better ID your attacker.

5) Want A Shrubbery?
No! Try to stray away from running near shrubbery, hedges, trees, etc. Attackers may be lingering or lurking around.

6) Alarm!
There are Runner Personal Alarms that are heard up to 1000 ft. or a 300M range. There is one by Sabre on Amazon. Also use your voice as a tool if you should come in contact with an attacker! Speak with confidence, power, and eye contact! You can also use a rape whistle. 

7) Follow the Light
​It's important to go to well lit places! If you are running, try running in a well lit area. If someone is attacking you, run to a well lit location where you will be better visible to people who could help you!

8) A Person Is Only As Good As Their Weapon
Look around you for items you can use as weapons. Carry a key or keys with you when you are running so you can interlace them through your fingers if you need to. That way you will be able to use them on soft tissue on the body (especially the throat, eyes, etc.). Did you know it only takes 8-pounds of pressure to break someone's kneecap? Yep! And if you break someone's clavicle, they no longer have use of their arm. Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink.

9) Strength in Numbers
There is strength in numbers. If you want to run with friends, runners groups or a pet, all of these are helpful when wanting to stay safe. If you want to be the lone ranger, let people know where you are. Keep your phone on you and download an app which will allow friends or family to know where you are.

10) Run Tall and Stand Strong
It is important to remember to have shoulders back, head high, and be aware of your surroundings. Be a Force. Remember that predators are looking for an easy target.

11) Forget the Road Less Traveled 
If you are running, stay on the path. Also vary up your path. If you have a stalker they may see that you have a set route, so have multiple options. 

12) Know Some Moves
Learning self-defense is a skill that everyone should do. No one is above it, doesn't matter how big, strong, or fast you are. So look into local self-defense courses. Or go to my online self-defense course and get the runners discount HERE:

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