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"Aloha! Thank you for visiting my WARRIOR WOMYN COURSE PAGE! Join me for my online course focusing on counters to common attacks people face everyday! Below are descriptions of each class. In each video, I have someone attack me, along with me doing a breakdown of the move. After this, I teach a student on camera how to do the move and help correct common mistakes people make. From there I have at-home exercises, so you can practice often!"



Learning wrist grabs is the introduction to learning self-defense. Many of the counters to wrist grabs can be crossed over to other forms of attack, such as choke holds, hair grabs, lapel grabs, bear hugs and so on. It is far easier to digest what I am saying when I explain moves starting out with a wrist grab as opposed to someone grabbing your throat. Thus, paying attention to these grabs are key because they are easily transferable to other grabs to different areas of your body.  Also, for every move, there are ways to do those moves from inside and outside wrist grabs, along with double handed grabs and double wrist grabs. Point being, I want you to understand the versatility of the moves you are learning. This is going to be a ton of fun!



Did you know you only have 4 seconds to react from a choke hold or your lung capacity will give out and you will pass out??? Mind you, no one wants this, or any attack like this to happen but if it did, here are some important moves to practice!



Lapel grabs are common attacks which people encounter anywhere, however a common theme is at parties, bars, and sporting events. It doesn't matter how tall you are or they are, you can take a person to the ground. You just have to know how to move. Watch the video and practice with a trusted friend or partner.



Did you ever have a sibling take a cheap shot when you were younger, grabbing you from behind and taking you to the ground??? Maybe that was just me. Anyway, the moves taught in this section will help you to get out of such a grab. You can do it! Watch and make it happen!



There are several ways for people to grab your hair. In the video below you will see what to do if someone grabs a handful of hair on the top of your head. You will also see what it is like to get grabbed by a ponytail. Understand that with moves like this you may lose hair but this move may be the difference between being assaulted and getting free.



Getting pressed up against a wall can trigger claustrophobia. It is scary to think you can't move away from your attacker but what if you didn't have to? What if that was a strength?



Whether it is on the floor, in a bed, or on a couch, you are not defenseless. You can defend yourself.  After learning these moves, practice with a trusted friend or partner.



Wrist throws, when done properly, can easily be used to take a person to the ground. While learning this move, please take it slow. Just because you can do the move quickly does not mean that move can be done effectively. You are going to want to really concentrate. This move manipulates the body and can render your attacker defenseless, incapacitating them.

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