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Become a Warrior Woman in a few short days

Instructor and Founder of ElleLiveAction, Tasha Ina Church was introduced to self-defense taking Warrior Spirit with Jeff Alexander (The trainer for Rocky). Both parents were involved in martial arts and were a huge influence in being involved in these arts. She studied Aikido, Ninjutsu, Shotokan, and Jujitsu self-defense in a dojo, along with secondary styles (Kobudo, Bojitsu, & Iaido) for seven years. Since then she has studied Tai Chi, & Boxing.

​With 17 years of self-defense experience, she is contracted by organizations and businesses to teach self-defense and also taught self-defense to young girls within the Ladies First program she co-founded in Washington State. Tasha's main style is Aikido, although for self-defense classes, she uses a combination of several styles.

Aikido is rooted in multiple styles of Jujitsu (from which modern judo is also derived), in particular, Daitoryu-(Aiki)Jujitsu, as well as sword and spear fighting arts. Aikido focuses on joint manipulation, joint locks and pressure points. The body movements utilize sword and spear fighting motions. ​

It is important for her to stress utilizing moves and wearing clothes that are realistic when walking the streets and just living everyday life. We cannot ask an attacker to wait while we change. So often, Tasha shows up to self-defense demonstrations wearing dresses, high heels, shorts, pants, sneakers, you name it -- any other basic everyday clothing for women.

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You can visit elleliveaction.com for additional resources and information. I look forward to hearing from you and working to elevate your self defense knowledge.

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